High Pressure Fittings

Delivery 6~8 weeks after PO


»316 stainless steel structure. Other special materials available, such as inconel 718, inconel 625, inconel 825. 
»Work pressure up to 60000psig. 
»Sour gas service available.


Drawing & Dimensions

Anti-Vibration Gland Assemblies

The tubing systems that are subjected to extreme vibration or shock, such as mobile pressure systems or long tubing runs culminating at a compressor, will be prevented by using Anti-Vibration Gland Assemblies. These assemblies use the same reliable connection geometries as the standard HYDT-STAR fittings, with the added advantage of essentially unlimited vibrational fatigue life.

1. MF means medium pressure female connection. HF means high pressure female connection. 
2. Ordering codes listed are standard. For sour gas service, add “-SG” after the ordering codes. The working pressure of the fittings for sour gas service differs from the fittings listed in the table. please contact us for more information. 
3. Ordering codes listed are standard. Other sizes, materials and types are available upon request.For special requirements, please contact us.